What gratitude?

The newest member of our neighborhood was born overnight – bringing a brand new vision of the world into view. And as I look at this day, cautiously optimistic, I realize the newest ones have the optimism that will move humanity beyond what limitations there are right now.

middle aged couple
looking at life from the middle lane
  • grateful today for the birth of my neighbor’s healthy new little girl
  • grateful today for extended family who has more sense than I do
  • grateful today for my mom who is healthy just for today
  • grateful today for my family participating fully in our back n forth real-life banter
  • grateful today for what I miss, what I notice, what I misconstrue – and learn from
dog on deck
it’s a fine life!

A new week, a new look at gratitude

A number of weeks into a new world with virus leading the way to healthier habits, there is a list of 5 things to be grateful for that I’ve come up with today:

Appreciating the stars that light the night sky.

Grateful for being able to avoid wear and tear of shoes as they are most often off my feet.

I am truly grateful for my husband’s enthusiasm to get out of the house while I stay in the house.

The grocery shopping is gracefully taken care of by my husband, whose almost daily outings include a visit to market, to market-with mask, gloves, and wipes for protection.

Family interactions are challenging, loving, emotionally charged, and tender, all in the life of a day and a “day in the life” of me.