Content is as content does

Putting in writing what gratitude brings to mind can be easy or hard, given the mind’s eye that day. The first of a series of invites beyond the confines post covid came and went without a hitch. Being with others who matter in person is something for the gratitude list today! Other than a few questions and faux paux’s to go over later, the turtle came out of her shell with aplomb. Back to the shell, with cautious optimism for the next event!

Happy Monday, grateful for the seasons that change! The summer of heat and humidity is here for a time to pass in a few days.

All is temporary and for that, I am grateful.

Categorized as Gratitude

By Mary G

Being grateful leads to fulfillment. A little gratitude goes a long way to a better day. A gratitude list can help the most dire mood. Keeping in touch with gratefulness can help with any challenge.

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