What Next To Be Grateful for?

The continuing sage of history spreads a blanket of sadness on our present predicament. Mother Earth has regurgitated a virus to get the attention of those who would destroy her first, as environmental changes have had devastating consequences to our physical world. The occupants of earth will create a way to survive, all of them, even viruses. Humankind will become better from a distance, for this, but meanwhile, surprises in grief & suffering surmount the observer who can’t be unaffected by this.

Continuing on, staying close to those you love, even if at physical distance, is an opportunity for stretching humanity. The outrage and horror can be misdirected to blame and flail powerlessly at what I cannot control. And then, a voice on the phone calms me, a family member jolts me into the present moment, and all is well.

Find calm in the chaos. Don’t let the chaos distract from the calm within, I’ve been reminded it’s in there, buried under disguises of anxiety, fear, grief, anger, rage. When those disguises become me, the words that pour out are me too. Released now, all the words can come. I wish the same for you. Be well, be safe, be true, be whole.

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