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Grateful to be here at this time and in this place and in this space. Harmony at Home, one of my highest values, thrives on gratitude. When I am grateful inside, it shows up on the outside. Gratitude is contagious, too - I hope you catch it!

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It was then that God carried you


With one set of footsteps, God says, It was then that I carried you. My father passed away very suddenly, from a massive cerebral stroke and hemorrhage. Active, laughing and connected with family until 24 hours ago. I love you, Dad and will miss your presence in the routine moments of love you shared with each of us as one of your children. Thank you forever for who you are.

The Grateful Heart

ying yang contrast

“The grateful heart is not only the greatest virtue but the parent of all others.” Cicero   Cicero had it right about that grateful heart… I believe.  When I lose that heartfelt gratefulness for all the people, events and activities in my daily life, my perspective is off balance. It’s easier to get back on […]

Family Life Fulfillment


grateful for family life even when unexpected things happen, especially when surprises occur…

Big Sky Photos

sky Tony Laidig

The BIG SKY – Photo Editing   When there is a beautiful day with clouds in the big sky, I want to capture it in photos!  It’s just too big for a picture, though, and many much better photographers than I have accomplished it before. the photo below is one from a royalty free stock […]

So much to be Grateful for…

grateful for waterfall

So much to be grateful for, by Josh Groban, Lyrics, Thankful.

Gratitude Photos

sika deer assateague

Gratitude Photos: Practicing photography in nature and sharing photo content is a joy. I took a photography course a while ago and enjoyed the homework of taking at least 50-100 photos each time I picked up the camera… It was fun to focus on that.

Gratitude Grounds –


Gratitude grounds me… In the middle of drama, trauma, or confusion, what role does gratitude play?  A big one to me – gratitude grounds me when I want to become grounded again.  When crisis happens around me, I can look at it as though I caused it, making it worse or look at it as […]

grateful for little dogs


I really love having our dog, Rusty.  Puppies and dogs bring so many smiles into my life, and rescuing our Rusty has brought a lot of love that I am so grateful for.  Commitment to training is necessary too and I’ve been blessed with learning how important it is to be flexible but structured in […]

Thankful for Monday

bird's nest view from office window

Thankful for Monday mornings as a person who works from home, and being thankful for each one is part of the adventure. This particular Monday morning is a little different, though.  The time alone is what refreshes me when others get their day away from home, and I spend mine here. Organizing comes easier and […]

The Road Less Traveled


When I saw this picture of a collection of images on my hard drive collecting dust and the possiblities of sharing one with an inspirational message, The Road Less Traveled immediately came to my mind. Those who have foraged the page before have made it a bit easier for us who follow, and make our […]