What in fact does fulfillment mean?  When an order is fulfilled, it’s picked from the shelves of the warehouse, packaged safely, completed and documented, shipped out, on its way to the customer who exchanged money for the value of owning the item(s).

Infant Jesus

Fulfillment of Prophecy

When fulfillment is used as a biblical term, the fulfillment of prophecy, or the fulfillment of a promise, it means that what is expected comes about, and what has occurred can be explained by those who believe the prophecy or promise.





The term fulfillment as I am using it on this blog as part of the title, Gratefulfillment, means that state of being that feels perfectly content at the moment of time it is….  Now.  Present.  All.  Complete.  As is.  Nothing more, nothing less.



There will always be new flights of fancy, desires, lofty illusions, and fun excursions to gather in my life journey.   When I choose gratitude over all other possibilities in the moment, fulfillment Bank Of Internet Ach comes, even when other things are not completely resolved or occurring in my experience and contrasting what I would like to see happen.


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