Flashes of Inspiration

Do we receive flashes of inspiration?  Or am I just noticing that there are inspiring things going on around me all the time?  I seems to me that gratitude opens my vision up to see things around me more clearly.  When I am grateful for the little things around me, I enjoy them more, even chores that I regularly do, often without much interest.

lightbulb flash of inspiration


It also seems that, as gratitude increases, it’s like a magnifying glass to see things that are full of inspiration more clearly.




I know that inspiration often comes from a place that is within me, but from a part of me that isn’t always aware of what it knows.  Some spark of insight comes into my mind at a place or in a time of daydreaming or partial sleepiness, drifting between conscious and subconscious.   What comes to me at those times is usually the start of something creative.  When I begin to flesh it out, often it becomes better, sometimes not so much, and my plan gets in the way of the flash of inspiration.  Clutter gets in the way and the message I heard doesn’t always come across.


Now, I am learning to allow more of those flashes of inspiration to flow their natural course.  The world doesn’t need another painting, or book, or photo, and when I come up with one or the other of my creativity, it is mostly for the flow of love that I feel for what I am creating.  That makes it fun.  That makes it attractive.  That makes it alive.   That makes it interesting for others to read.  Flashes of inspiration keep me joyful and forever young.


What flashes of inspiration have you had today?  Have you allowed yourself a moment to daydream?  What dreams may come could be something good, very good.  Let your flashes of inspiration flow.

waterfall flow


I do my best with flashes of inspiration today!






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