Grateful Quote for Today

IrisFallenIf the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.

Meister Eckhart

In this day, I can be grateful.  It is a given that all is palatable with gratefulness as gravy.

For the things that I have control over, and feel empowered to do today, I am grateful.  For what I have no control over, and feel letting go is difficult, I am grateful.  For free will, and what God has given me and all others within this human experience, I am grateful.  Whatever is, gratitude can change it for better.


With Love,

Hello gratefulfillment world!

Welcome to Gratefulfillment.  This blog is my daily Gratitude List Practice journal.  Being grateful leads to fulfillment I have found.  When I am most grateful, no matter what the circumstances are, I have a sense of all is well.  When I become ungrateful and miss the gratitude target, I usually find myself in a mood that doesn’t lead to productive or happy results.


So, encouraging my practice, I thought I’d make it public.  A grateful heart comes from a gratitude list, even if short, every day.



I captured a photo of the full moon at first light today.

full moon at first light


time alone with Rusty nearby…rusty


Fall – the change of seasons  fall yellow leaves








On to a fantabulous day!

Best for now,