Summer Flowers ‘n Fishing

It’s summer here and flowers that bloom in late summersummer flowers are thriving, the philodendron, the tea rose, and crepe myrtle trees in the neighborhood.  I never even knew what they were til last year, always wondered what the deep rosy colored flowered trees were called.


It’s also the best time for flounder fishing, and my husband’s favorite thing to do.  His catch of the day was a good one last week and we even did a fish for tomatoes and cucumbers trade with our neighbors.  It’s a good summer, and lots to be grateful for today.   The father and son fishing team is a good one, when they go out together.  It’s time that I am glad they have.

Our Rusty is getting older and not as enthusiastic about being outside these days in the summer heat, with some labored breathing that is worrisome.  Grateful that he is still with us, enjoying every day with him.  We may not get to the beach with him this year, since he resists the car like never before, just won’t get in there.  It may be temporary, and there are some options for mobile pet services in our area.  Contemptlating Not Fetching

So as summer winds down, and the autumn busy season approaches, we are still hoping for a September to remember with a little vacation, summer fishing and fun near the beach.  Gratefulfillment.






Easter Gratitude

Spring has sprung and Easter is here!  It’s a great day to be grate-ful.  Sunny where I am today with loved ones, gratefulfillment describes what I feel.

Bamboo leaves.

And now, the rest of April can commence:  taxes, deadlines, outflow.  Gratitude for all of it, especially the seasons.  Spring brings more energy and light and outside time.  The flow of trout streams, the chirp of birds nesting, the ebb of cold to warm in the sea, all remind me that our world continues without moral judgments.  The nature of what is becomes more of it.  I am grateful for the saying of William James:

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

My attitude of gratitude affects all that my day brings, today, and every day.  Enjoy yours!



Grateful Quote for Today

IrisFallenIf the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.

Meister Eckhart

In this day, I can be grateful.  It is a given that all is palatable with gratefulness as gravy.

For the things that I have control over, and feel empowered to do today, I am grateful.  For what I have no control over, and feel letting go is difficult, I am grateful.  For free will, and what God has given me and all others within this human experience, I am grateful.  Whatever is, gratitude can change it for better.


With Love,

Hello gratefulfillment world!

Welcome to Gratefulfillment.  This blog is my daily Gratitude List Practice journal.  Being grateful leads to fulfillment I have found.  When I am most grateful, no matter what the circumstances are, I have a sense of all is well.  When I become ungrateful and miss the gratitude target, I usually find myself in a mood that doesn’t lead to productive or happy results.


So, encouraging my practice, I thought I’d make it public.  A grateful heart comes from a gratitude list, even if short, every day.



I captured a photo of the full moon at first light today.

full moon at first light


time alone with Rusty nearby…rusty


Fall – the change of seasons  fall yellow leaves








On to a fantabulous day!

Best for now,