Grateful for the Day at Hand

Grateful for the Day as it is and as I receive it!  This gratefulfillment blog isn’t about positive thinking, but about life as it is.  There is always something that is good that can be noticed, even in the most unforsaken time where I can’t find the meaning.  The day at hand has lots of moments in it, so each one that I am present for, means that I can live this life as I was meant to live it.  For me, it’s enough to just be, and let the world be as it is too.


Often, though, the intersection of what I don’t like in my world crosses into my path and the fight or flight mechanism kicks in fiercely.  I’m purposeful in writing about those moments, days, weeks, months and years.  Part of humanity wants to experience freedom, love, friendliness, and the place for divisiveness, rightness, absolute power, rage, violence seems to invade.  The part of me that continues to live in the part that invades finds solace in being grateful for the day at hand, and know that in that gratitude, I can find fulfillment, even when the answers do not come.  It is in the doing and being that gratefulfillment comes to me.


For Now,